Passport Photo Example

ID and Passport Photo Services

ID Photos

We offer photos for:
  • US Passport & Visa
  • Foreign Passport
  • Immigration
  • Licenses
  • Gun License
  • Contractor License
  • Corporate IDs
  • Wanted Posters

No Appointment is Necessary
We provide ID photos anytime we are open. However, if your photo ID requirements are other than the  US Passport standard, call ahead to be sure someone is currently on duty to accommodate your requirements.

Photo Are ready in Minutes
Typically your photo is taken and printed within 15 minutes. 

US Passport Standard
This includes photos for visas and US immigration.

Photos are 2” x 2” with White background.  Subject must be facing forward, eyes must not be obstructed. No uniforms. Glasses may not be worn. Neutral expression, slight or no smile mouth closed.

No uniforms, hats or headgear are permitted in passport photos. Religious clothing that is worn on a daily basis is permitted in passport photos. More info on US Passports.

Requirements other than US Passport
We can meet the requirements for most ID photos. If the requirements of your ID photos differ from that of a US Passport, please bring the requirements with you\ so we can accurately meet them.

Using your own photo
We do not recommend use a photo taken with your camera. Our software is calibrated to work with our camera. If we do use your photo there is a $3.00 surcharge in addition to our regular ID photo charge. We do not guarantee the photo will be accepted.

E-mailing photos
We can e-mail your photo. Unless you provide alternate specifications the photo will be cropped to 2”x2” at 300dpi and saved as a jpeg. Please provide a phone number when having photos emailed in the event the email is rejected. We can cc the photo to a second email address.

ID Photo Prices
Prices are for identical photos and sold in pairs

  2  $10.99
  4  $13.99
  6  $16.99
  add’l pairs $3.00

  E-mail photo add $3.00
  Use your photo add $3.00